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I am so Grateful

Loreena’s healing therapies have made such a difference in my life in just 8 weeks. I am so grateful that I can feel myself again, that my connection to the spiritual is unbroken, and I will not lose that as long as I am open … I will attract who or what will keep that connection strong and help me grow in faith and spiritual understanding and experience.  I am so honored to have Loreena guiding me in this journey of self discovery. Every week, every day seems to be opening more vision and understanding.   I am so happy and confident that I am moving in the right direction — thanks Loreena for “pushing my buttons” and bringing in Light to disrupt the darkness! Sincerely,

Randy I. Tempe, AZ March 11, 2017

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Pain has diminished

I had been in several accidents and suffered with neck and back pain, Loreena did the Raindrop therapy on me several times a week for several months along with the energy work she does. The pain started to diminish right away. By the 6th session I could go an entire day with little or no pain. I am so grateful. Loreena has helped me to also help myself by teaching me about the oils.

Kenton Drake Tempe, Az March 11, 2017

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More Grounded and Centered

I have been seeing Loreena for therapy for about 5 months. In that time I have experienced both physical therapy through the Raindrop technique and the Chakra alignments via conscious awareness work. I feel more grounded, centered and more in touch with reality. I have become more aware of undesirable behavior patterns that developed as a child and continued throughout my life….. patterns and behaviors that can change – how exciting to experience positive changes and have my needs met! Loreena does good work!

Anita J. Phoenix, Az March 11, 2017

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Guided me back to my Heart

From my first session to now (10 years) Loreena has proven to be an exceptional facilitator for my sense of health and well being. Her work has cleared the tension from my system; she has guided me back to my heart leaving me in a state of complete relaxation, resting in a state of well being within myself. I fully recommend her work to anyone interested in meeting and moving beyond the obstacles encountered in everyday living.
Sincerely, Gerard Bresnau, Sedona, AZ

Gerard Bresnau, Sedona, Az March 11, 2017

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To explain the work Loreena does to someone that doesn’t understand energy work is not easy, but if you have ever been exposed to the smallest amount of energy work and the feeling of light entering all of your bodies, then you will find this work profound!
I am a Reiki Master, energy teacher and massage therapist. So many experiences I have had in session with Loreena a few are. The feeling of closeness with my God self and receiving the name of my higher self, large amounts of tension was released from my body that massage can not do, I was able to accept and move through a painful block that I have had with my adult son. Loreena helped me to see more clearly and move past the patterns and then release them that have held me back from experiencing life. I have become more grounded in my body and more in touch with my soul. I highly recommend Loreena and her work. You won’t be disappointed.
In love and light,

Rosemarie M. Scottsdale, Az March 11, 2017

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A Great Asset

I have been going through a divorce, which has left me with a lot of stress; sleep deprivation, depression, and lack of appetite with a depleted nutritional system. Loreena’s work has been a great asset in my life. I look forward to my sessions. Every day I am getting stronger.

Carol G. Scottsdale, Az March 11, 2017

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Profoundly Beneficial

I am a licensed body worker and have been getting treatments from Loreena for over 6 years and can say that this work has been the most profoundly beneficial for all aspects of my whole being and is effecting not only my own practice but my deep personal life as well. I have experienced tremendous tension releases from various levels of my body, cellular memory releases from the stepping sessions, and deep nurturing at a core level that helped my identity issues from the etheric touch sessions. Some of the self limiting issues that were running me have gone completely and I am experiencing new focus, energy, joy peace within and greater confidence. I would highly recommend these treatments for anyone who is willing to take responsibility for their life’s journey to enlightenment and enrichment.

Caren W. Phoenix, Az March 11, 2017

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Gave me so much

Loreena’s work with me has given me so much more than I could have anticipated. When I come to a session exhausted, I leave energized; when I’ve lost my way, I leave with purpose; when I am mentally fuzzy, I leave with clarity; when I feel isolated from self, I am reconnected with Spirit. Her expertise, administered along with such love and caring and compassion make Loreena truly stand out among healers.
With love and appreciation,

Lanny Lindtiejen, Gilbert, Az March 11, 2017

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More Aware and Conscious

I have known Loreena for 3 years and have experienced the energy work on the Chakras, counseling and her teachings on becoming more aware and conscious. I have also had my astrology chart done. I found Loreena’s detail and accuracy to the interpretation to be quite impressive. Her account on what was happening in my life and why- helped me to understand myself so much better. Loreena’s chart helped me understand why I do what I do that hurts and sabotages me. I highly recommend her astrological insights as well as her energy work.
Yours truly,

Bill T. Phoenix, Az March 11, 2017

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A more peaceful existence

Grace, I feel like that was the key word for me in finding Loreena and the work she does. I lived life in such an unconscious way and was lost in the illusions I had created, not knowing that there was a way to a more peaceful existence. I could see other people living what seemed like a real life, but I knew there were parts of me I couldn’t find.
When you hear truth, as painful as it is, you know it deep down inside. We invest so much in keeping control that sometimes it is almost impossible to allow truth in when it rocks long held beliefs that we use as a crutch to keep us in a space of emptiness. This was the backdrop of my life when I found this work. I don’t know why I kept coming back sometimes, as it pushed buttons I didn’t even know were there. Loreena never gave up on me, even when I was willing to give up on myself. It has been through this work that I have found the levels of life that are important and what is required to honor them, and myself in the process.
Through Loreena’s gifts, we were able to move mountains of resistance, fear, and stubbornness in emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual realms. All of my life has been affected and many positive changes have occurred due to this work. I have become a better person, more content, not satisfied because there is more to do, but more content. I am a better father, business man, friend, and citizen of the planet. It has led me on a path of becoming a whole person. It has given me the tools to do my own work and help others along the way when I can.
Through Loreena’s humor, high energy, support, and caring, not only is this work beneficial but will lead one on the journey of their lifetime. I sincerely believe in Loreena’s work as I have been traveling from North Carolina to Arizona since 1996.

Don Westbrook, Raleigh, NC March 11, 2017