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A Shift In My Life

When I arrived to begin work with Loreena I thought I had done a fair amount of work on myself and had been exposed to a great deal of personal growth through coaching, self help workshops and energy work. However, working closely with Loreena for the past year, I have received not only fresh insights and greater awareness, but profound tools to shift my life from the pain and conditioning of my past to a life with greater joy, freedom, inner peace and a deeper connection to God. Loreena brings to this work, her open heart, her 30+ years experience, her sense of humor, her passion, commitment and her deep love of God. Anyone who has the honor of working with her can’t help but be touched and forever changed. This work has made such dramatic shifts in my life. With heartfelt gratitude, I am now also being mentored by Loreena to learn this work, so it may touch others lives, as it has mine.

Amy Broderick, Phoenix AZ March 11, 2017

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Can’t Say Enough

I am 74 yrs. And have suffered from severe back pain for years until I met Loreena. She has relieved me of that pain and is helping me with other issues that I have. There has been no other treatment or person that has helped me in so many ways. I cannot say enough about the positive influence her and her work have had on me.

Bonnie C. Phoenix AZ March 11, 2017

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It is with pleasure that I write this letter of acknowledgment of Loreena’s gift and unselfish sharing of her talent to apply this gift. Over the past 30 years I have watched her study, develop, even fail and yet develop again a remarkable healing of the inner light and soulic essence for countless people including my self. Her work walks that remarkable line of loving help, yet deep respect for the individual will. A true healer, more than fixing a person, helps the person to help themselves. Loreena is a true healer. It is a tribute to the grace of Loreena’s work to realize it is an art to pinpoint the effect of Loreena’s healing. I’ve noticed her recipients gain an attunement to the inner aspect of themselves that puzzles even them. Looking in their eyes their soul is more obviously present. Clarity about their life wells up from a depth that they claim to have previously been unaware of. A variety of physical symptoms seem to vanish. As I look back over the years I have experience Loreena’s treatments there has been a long-range benefit beside what has been mentioned above. I can give credit to her for helping me to find my own best way of healing. For me that seems to be the greatest benefit of her work that a soul could ask for.

David Slater, Denver CO March 11, 2017

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Caring and Astute

I have been working with Loreena since 2001. She combines counseling with chakra energy work. I find the combination invaluable. Therapy addresses limiting patterns that we have developed in life, the chakra work that Loreena does takes this a step further. By working energetically on these patterns, I am able to fully release them.

My life looks very different now from when I started working with her. I used to play the role of the victim – I would feel sorry for myself, think I had done something wrong or bad, and garner a lot of attention from these patterns. I was miserable, and dreadfully unhappy. Now I am able to confidently hold myself in the world, set boundaries, choose to give to others and receive from them as well. I feel happy most of the time and fulfilled with my life choices. I should also let you know that I am now happily married, and in a fulfilling career.

I highly recommend Loreena. She is caring and astute. She treats me with compassion, but will also tell me the truth and hold a line of “tough love.” It is rare to find someone like her.

Sincerely Denise Rabius from San Francisco

March 19, 2017

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Effective Energy Healer

 My chakra work this summer with Loreena Hackett has been timely, rich and
 effective. I have used this unique chakra work for many years as my primary
 spiritual-emotional support. When I found myself in AZ for the summer, my
 chakra buddies recommended that I see Loreena while I was there. I am glad I
 did.  Loreena's skill and intuition in chakra work moved me more deeply toward
 wholeness. She cleared old blockages to the full functioning of my
 kundalini. She assisted me in stabilizing my energy flows. She gave me daily
 tools to help me continue these aspects of healing. She has a strong
 affinity to the grounded power of deep feeling and vital life force. It
 helped me a great deal.
 I have recommended her as an energy healer to my naturopathic clients. They
 have moved forward in their lives. I recommend her work.

Linda Burnham, ND March 19, 2017

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Received guidance changed my life

I came to Loreena looking for guidance, not knowing what to do. Thru counseling and her healing it helped me take a look at the situations I was in and change them. I'm doing a lot better at my job seeing it more clearly helps me achieve my goals. I was unhappy in a 16 year relationship that was no longer growing. I now have more value and love for me. I do more for me, make better food choices, nicer clothes, go out and be more social, get my hair done and get massages. And I now have my own house and I love it, thank you Loreena.


Theresa Robinson March 19, 2017

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Spiritual teacher, healer, astrologer

Loreena’s intuition, spiritual knowledge, and life experience serves others in a remarkable way; I have witnessed it personally and through others in several of her workshops. She is among the few spiritual teachers who can truly see into another person with shocking clarity and accuracy. 
When she read my astrology chart she validated occurrences in my life and explained my natural tendencies. It made me wish I had learned from her when I was very young, as she elaborated on my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical nature. She went beyond what several astrologers offer, in that she made suggestions for how to balance my own challenges and way of interacting in the world. Her experience as a wise intuitive and healer lend themselves perfectly to her astrological readings, as she is able to discern beyond what the astrology chart alone can reveal. The result is a comprehensive analysis from an astrological, energetic, and soul level.

As a healer, Loreena’s heightened perception allows her to focus in on and release stagnant energies gently and effectively. Her pure intentions to be of service and level of self-development foster a sense of safety and absolute trust. She’s an extremely powerful healer who has been practicing for decades and knows what works. My energy level and sense of joy were renewed immediately, like someone had taken a large weight off of my shoulders after our session.

If you’re seeking more knowledge about yourself or metaphysical topics in general, Loreena is a truly gifted teacher. Whether you’re new to the path or you’ve been on it for years, she can reach those on all levels in her classes simultaneously and encourages questions. Her humor and way of explaining abstract ideas (she uses lots of visuals which I love!) make her classes fun and deeply spiritual at the same time. 
I know whenever I see Loreena that I’ll be met with unconditional acceptance and love, which is a rare gift in this world. She’s a true light for others who may be in search of understanding in these uncertain times of change. If you’ve ever hoped to heal yourself, learn about your connection to spirit, or simply gain knowledge, I can’t recommend her enough.

Jessica Holmes March 19, 2017

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Astrology Class testimonials

" Having a PHD in Psychology and teaching in Universities and in private practice for 25 years, I have found this information extremely valuable. I wish I had been open and exposed 30 years ago - The time element and amount of information you can learn/see in a chart in one hour - is equal to 50 hours in therapy. Loreena makes learning this complicated art fun and interesting, I am more then pleased" Dr Laura Harrington PHD

 "Loreena’s Astrology classes are one of the most helpful life “classes”, having had several classes from 3 University degrees. Loreena’s class examines the self, and others, through a clear lens that sees through the ego’s smoke, right to the core of a person. Her teaching style is a grounded approach that anyone can understand. Loreena is colorful, animated, and passionate about what she teaches and she has many years of experience. She is a rare find." Maria Reiss

"If you are interested in Astrology at all this is the best place to start. I really enjoy the classes". Wylene Wiechamn

“ Loreena is a warm, friendly, insightful and patient teacher. ” Ranjan Chaudhuri

"The best Astrology class I have had Loreena is great at teaching Astrology in a way that anyone can learn it! ” Maria

“ Wow! I had no idea how accurate Astrology is until I could start to see myself in the information Loreena was teaching us. It resonates like the clearest bell I have ever heard. I am so glad I am part of this Astrology Meetup! ” Janice J

"The info is covered in detail and questions are always welcome. Great class, I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about astrology ” Dora Delgadillo

"I learned how to make friends with my conflicting self through understanding my planets in my chart. Loreena teaches Astrology with grace and openness. Her intuition is is what makes her different than the abstract charts that you download off the internet. Astrology is one of the oldest science and is not fiction, I encourage everyone to have a deeper look at their self you will be surprised how much easier to understand yourself." MaryAnn

"We are such complex individuals and this class really showed that. Wow we are made up of so many characteristics from the different planets and signs. This class really pulled the lessons together. I am really excited to go more in-depth into my chart and learn more about astrology." Rob L.

"This is a LOT to learn and memorize to be able to understand and use the tools of Astrology -- tonight's review/test showed me what I do know and what I do NOT know. Now I can concentrate during the few remaining weeks on filling in the gaps in my knowledge. This class has been such a good challenge for me, and challenges help you grow and develop, which is what I wanted from the start. YEA -- it is happening!" Christine C.

"This class is really getting juicy now!! So interesting and informative.... Loreena is such a great teacher!! Very interesting and fun looking at everyones charts tonight!! This class keeps getting better with more understanding... I'm really enjoying this class!!! Renee R.

"Wow, I just find it SO incredible to learn how CLOSELY the reality of our personality, our life experiences and challenges, etc. mirror what our astrological natal chart shows. Loreena's interpretations are dead on. She is truly a master and knows MUCH of what she speaks. This 8 week class will teach you LOTS and help you understand how much there is to learn and KNOW about all of the "aspects" of astrology. It is a VERY interesting and fascinating 8 week workshop!" Marty F.

"Love the Astrology classes" Rachelle Rizzi

"I think it is completely uncanny how time of birth and position of planets can be so influential in who we become as people. It blows my mind. I just have so many QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS!!????!!" Judi G.

"I am learning more in these classes than I have learned in 46 years of dabbling in astrology." Shelia T.

"Awesome and enlightening learning experience through out the course." Dianne C.

"Well divided where the info flows effortlessly. Loreena knows her astrology and teaches it with it congruency and grace. I recommend it to anyone wants to know more about themselves. Cheers" Bill M.

"This is one of the best classes I have ever taken Loreena takes the time to explain things in a way that is so helpful for getting to be able to at least to read and understand what we are looking at. Loreena presents learning Astrology in a fashion that mades great understanding. Don't miss this it is just plain GREAT." Thomas D.

"Loreena brings such enthusiasm to her groups! I had a great time and it was a wonderful experience. For everyone that has been "thinking" about exploring astrology. This is the group to join!" Stacy W.

"This was an awesome class. The instructor Loreena is magnificent and will have everyone learning more in a short amount of time than one could imagine. I am excited about the journey ahead with her and my fellow students. This is a journey into knowing who I am." George K.

"So much to learn! This class will leave you head spinning in a good way!. Loreena gets everyone involved...sharing her insights in a fun and entertaining class. Keep your eye out for the next sign-up! You won't want to miss it!" Lisa H.

"This was two of the most insightful hours that I have spent in a long time. I would recommend this to everyone". Cynthia V.

"It was a great class. I really learned a lot about why I am the way I am, what I am here to do and what is happening in my life at this time and why." Pat C.

"VERY interesting on hearing about oneself,s through the chart! This class, just keeps getting better! Thanks, Loreena" Bonnie E.

"I unfortunately have to miss the last meeting. But, I want to thank Loreena for doing such a "Fabulous" job teaching us all about asrtology. It was a fascinating class, with so much to learn. Plus fun, on top of it. Hugs to you Loreena for getting through to my brain, and making it an enjoyable experience in my life.. Take care (:" Jerri O.

"I loved learning some of the basics of astrology that I didn't know -- fascinating stuff! Loreena is exceptional in her knowledge and her ability to teach! Thank you!!" Rick D.

"This was an awesome event. It was a perfect Intro and really peaked my interest into delving into astrology more. I look forward to participating in the 8 week series of classes !" Michelle S.

"One of the most interesting classes I have ever taken! Thank you Loreena." Hank F.

"This is the meeting where you learn how all the pieces fall together. I got my birth chart, very interesting. Lots of fun. Thanks Loreena you're great" Susan Christofferson

A lot of information and thorough for an introductory class. Not too much to be "over the head" and not too little at all. In fact, Loreena obviously enjoys instruction and engaging with her students so much, she was willing to go over time allotment in the class so that the introduction was well-rounded and consistent. Do make sure you have your evening clear, "just in case" <wink>. Dr Nick B

"I am so glad I signed up for this. Loreena is a very good teacher and I'm looking forward to learning a lot." Crystal Z.

"Loved this introductory class! I learned so much and also how much I have yet to learn! Thank you Loreena" ...Stephanie S.

"Great class. I'm looking forward to more." John Sackett

"I'm so excited to start putting it all together. Loreena is so enlightening and teaches in such a way that anyone who has the desire to learn will be able to understand. It's more than astrology, it's a path to personal healing and well being as well. What a gift! Thank you, Loreena!" Laura Harrington

"Highly Informative and interactive instruction. Loreena is a professional astrologer with over 27 years experience working in astrology and is passing on her skills on how to understand, interpret, and create natal charts. It is fast paced, but there is a lot of repetition. Moreover, the environment and flow is very relaxing, although challenging. It completely suits my learning style!" Terry F.

"Very excited about this new venture!!! Astrology classes. Love your energy and spirit!!!! Love & light - Please let me know when the other classes are that you teach. I am very interested in both :-)"  Day Shere

"Loreena is a WEALTH of knowledge in this area and her enthusiasm in teaching others is infectious. Anyone who is interested in delving more into themselves would benefit from learning about astrology from Loreena. It is VERY fascinating!" Bruce L.

"This class was wonderful and insiteful. We all got to learn more about ourselves which was so useful. It showed us how our paths are already planned out for us but we do have choices." Daniel D.

"This was our last class and I'm sorry to see the series end. It was an absolute blast! Oh yeah, and I learned a lot too. Loreena makes learning astrology so interesting and so much fun that you don't want it to end. I highly recommend this class!" Danni Q.

"Excellent - enjoyed meeting some new friends and learning more about Astrology. Loreena is an outstanding teacher." Richard P.

“ I am so much more complex than I thought. It is so much fun to learn about yourself and family members through Astrology! ”

“ I was very impressed with this class, and I learned soooo much that now other elements  in the astrology world are making more sense to me than ever. Cant wait for the rest of the classes so I can finish what I need to help me for the rest of my life!!! ” Kenny

“ Wow! We are all made like pieces of a puzzle. The signs - the planets - the symbols it is starting to make sense  about how incredibly complicated and unique we all are. As the mysteries of our selves are unfolding through the understanding of astrology. Its even more fun and interesting since we are all different signs and react so differently. Great class and fellow students.”

“ Wow! I had no idea how accurate Astrology is until I could start to see myself in the information Loreena was teaching us. It resonates like the clearest bell I have ever heard. I am so glad I am part of this Astrology Meetup! ” Kelly R

March 19, 2017

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Essential Oil Class Testimonials

"I had no idea how potent and effective Essential Oils are, until tonight. These things are powerful! Now I want to start building a kit of the essential Essential Oils for my own use." Bill K.

"So much information on the oils we just scratched the surface. We talked about how the oils affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There were so many oils to smell and some just put you in a wonderful state of being on all levels." Nancy

"Information about essential oils and how they oxygenate the body to offset disease and help the body. And lots of info about how the digestive system works, importance of a colon cleanse and the many things to help it function better. Very informative." Laura L.

"It is a great class if you are interested in essential oils, but do not know where to begin. Instead of learning about a bunch of different oils you are learning which oils to use for a specific purpose and that makes them user friendly." Tara

"Great learning experience" Dora Delgadillo

"A lot to learn but this was a starting place and very intresting. I want more" Pat M.

"Loreena's class was very informative. I never knew essential oils could have such a major impact on our immune system. She gave us excellent, easy to follow handouts with remedies that anyone can use. She also had sample oils to purchase. What fun and educational evening! I look forward to more and more classes!" Laurie P.

"Such an informative class. It's amazing how our digestive system has such a major impact on our over all health. My friend and I really learned a lot and we are looking forward to Loreena guiding us on the Young Cleanse. It's to bad the other members who signed up didn't show as they missed a lot of valuable information" Annette LaCroix

"OMG the oil class was amazing and Loreena knows so much with 20 years in the field. I will buy the oil kits and start spreading the word. I am so impressed." Lisa H.

"I had no idea the oils were therapeutic and could be used to improve ones health besides, relaxing, and helping with various ailments. Loreena was very generous with her oils and her time and knowledge. Me and my nose Thank you" Jen A.

March 19, 2017

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Energy/Chakra Classes Testimonials

"I learned so much from this introduction! There's so much information out there on the chakras--this really helped to clarify the basics and learn how everything in our lives in interconnected. Thank you, thank you, thank you for starting this series of classes!" Jessica Holmes

"What an amazing class! I can't wait for the next session!!" Daniel Delgadillo

"This was such an eye-opening experience. I have been learning bits and pieces about the chakras over the past 5 years. What Loreena presented was new information that really rang true. It was also nice to be with friends and meet new people at the event. Thanks!!" Shelia T.

"I learned so much in the beginning. I just know this is going to be so powerful! Such profound work and healing thank you for sharing. This will transform your life!" Annette La Croix

"This was a very relaxing evening. If offered again and its a time that I can attend will definitly show up. I would suggest this event to anyone who wants to relax moe in their lives and learn how do it a bit for yourself too." MarySue

"Loreena took deep relaxation beyond what I have ever experienced. Such a delightful, intimate gathering". Eva G.

"So relaxing and comfortable. Felt I was in very caring hands. Loreena knows what she is doing and does it well. Would recommend to anyone needing a connection to their heart center." Jeannie M.

"It felt really great to zone out and really feel and sense the 'deep within'!" Nancy B.

"I wish the session never ended! Thanks Loreena!" Mike R.

"So relaxing, I too connected deeply into my own heart where all healing takes place - the love center. The music, aromatherapy, breeze, water fountain all helped to get us to let go and just be. The vibration in the room was very uplifting from all of us opening to our own beauty."Best class you will EVER take! You've been to the rest now come to the best. This work has transformed my life I have been doing healing work for over 15 years. I have been to ALOT of classes all over the world. Do yourself a favor learn the work. Your life will transform. Are you ready to become the butterfly?"Anna C.

"Easy to use (after practice) method to control relaxation of the body through breathing. I hadn't noticed how tense I was until I analyzed my breathing....I have already put this into practice and it feels great. Not to mention the health benefits (explained by Loreena) from oxygen circulating correctly through my body!" Lisa H.

"Very informative! Understanding how you paint the canvas of your life is reflected in the energy of the Chakras. Everyone liked the presentation and amazed at the level of awareness one needs to have for their life to flow in positive ways."Bill A.


"Great meetup! Loreena is very knowledgeable and genuine!" John S.




March 19, 2017