Loreena Hacket

Loreena has been in the healing arts since 1970. After moving from Chicago to California in 1969, Loreena met her first spiritual teacher that guided her onto her current path of service in the field of Astrology, health and healing.
Her search started with the study of Astrology followed by the study of Edgar Cayce’s healing modalities. In 1974, after a vision she met her second teacher and began many years of extensive hands on training, learning about the various chakra systems; subtle outer bodies, and how to observe, align and balance them. In 1994 she then studied the benefits of therapeutic essential oils and massage therapy and has been assisting many in regaining not only their emotional, mental, and spiritual health, but their physical health as well.

Combining her own spiritual and life experiences with those of her teachers, Loreena weaves this knowledge into her own unique work of aiding her clients in their search for a balanced body, mind and spirit. Her sessions include physical, vibrational and etheric energizing and healing. Combined with prayer, counseling/coaching, regular and hot stone massage, visualization, prana breathing, kundalini stimulation, step therapy, affirmations, individualized soul readings, essential oils, light therapy, astrology, relaxation techniques, and therapeutic etheric touch.

With sensitivity and intuitive gifts, Loreena has dedicated her life to searching for truth in self and to aid others in finding theirs. Her true heart’s desire is to teach, motivate and support others in reestablishing balance in their lives. Helping them to recognize and listen to the voice of conscience, truth and guidance within. Loreena’s work  instills hope, inspires the heart to open, and encourages her clients to have a deeper appreciation of self, others, life and God.

Loreena raised three gifted children two sons and one daughter and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. She is a licensed massage therapist, an accomplished artist, gardener, transformational life coach and teaches classes in Astrology, Essential Oils for Health, and Chakras/Energy healing/balancing.
Loreena travels to Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and Santa Fe sharing, teaching and doing workshops. while maintaining a client base in Arizona.

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