With the study of astrology much of the unknown becomes known,
And new light and understanding is shed in all directions.

Astrology provides a perspective, a frame of reference, which reflects the capacities of an individual. But, it is up to the individual to choose how to use these capacities. Without some awareness of who we really are we are not choosing how we live our lives, we are simply reacting to outside stimulus. Astrology can be used on many levels and in many areas of life to deepen the understanding of our own nature. Astrology can also be applied to the practical affairs of business, career, travel and to our personal relationships of love, friendship, family, health and home.
The knowledge of Astrology has the ability to uncover core issues about one’s motivation, family patterns and perceptions which, can be used by psycho-therapists and counselors or anyone in the helping professions. Astrology can also address questions dealing with the meaning of an individual’s life or why things are the way they are. Astrology reminds us that our lives are not accidents, but meaningful events in the fabric of time and space.

“Astrology is not confined to those of technical training, for much of it can be learned by persons of ordinary education. Astrology is best acquired by those who have an inborn love of mystical subjects and who at the same time possess an active sixth sense faculty, that of intuition” Quote by the great astrologer Llewellyn George

Astrology is a map of consciousness and access to this kind of map and model greatly facilitates personal and spiritual growth. Those truly interested in their growth, the helping professions, and consciousness will benefit having their chart done or the learning of astrology. The stars have a deep, profound influence on us – in our environment, our work, our relationships, and our health, in fact every aspect of our lives is touched. To see how others see you, to understand your feelings, actions, and reactions to a greater degree. By a greater understanding of what is influencing us, we have choice in our response – therefore personal power. Astrology is a valuable tool in helping us to understand and improve ourselves and those we come in contact with. Astrology can help develop or strengthen the intuition. It is the study of you.
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