Astrology Charts and prices

To order a chart please include day-month-year-time-place
A complete Natal chart, including Locality chart, Progressed chart
with full report and current transits to the charts AND 1.5 hour
with Loreena – phone or in person is $250.00
Astrology consultation with basic report and 1.5 hour with Loreena $125.00
For individual charts the prices are plus (one hour personal time with Loreena)
Written Compatibility charts (two people) Between romance/business partners,
family members, or friends  $100.00 (need the birth information of parties involved)
**Event chart such as: purchase of real estate or auto, moving, trips,
time to marry, start business, sign contracts or Marriage time/date – price range is $100.00 to $300.00 (determined by time spent on charts)
Information need to have any chart constructed:
Month, Day, Year, Time exact, Place