Chakra Balance

Treatments can be done in person or over the phone

First time consultation is $175.00 – 90 min
Based on 35 years experience, this type of consciousness work is more effective the more frequently an individual has sessions. It involves a checking process as to how an individual is doing on the conscious and subconscious levels in working with their life patterns (conditioning) along with the balancing and aligning the energy fields, charkas and coaching. This brings about greater awareness on multiple levels with the ability to attract more peace, happiness and fulfillment into the life.

All continuing sessions are 60 to 75 minutes (depending upon work done)
Fees per session
Once a month $125.00
Twice a month $210.00
Three times a month $$285.00
Four times a month $340.00

All sessions paid in advance are for a four week period
Those missed must be made up within the 4 week period

24 hour notice for canceled appointments
payment is for full amount for no 24 hour notice