Introduction to Aromatherapy Essential Oils


Bring your sniffer – This is an introduction to Aromatherapy/essential oils. Not only do essential oils smell good but did you know that they are good for you too. There are some oils everyone should have in their home. This is an overview of the vast variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms that therapeutic oils can help. Bring your oils and we’ll talk about what they are used for.

This will be an ongoing Meetup/class once a month about essential oils. Subjects covered in the upcoming months – oils for the home to disinfect, bugs, mold, calming, oils for the various systems of the body – respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous, muscular, skeletal, skin, cardiovascular, immune, reproductive and cooking with essential oils.
A class on Raindrop Therapy will be taught as well.
There is so much information on the oils. Lets explore!! I will have oils for smelling and samples for purchasing available.
If there is time we can make some blends.

Only Young Living therapeutic pure essential oils are used
For those living in Arizona the dates and times are here