The Chakras

Advancement In Conscious Awareness
Regeneration of the Life Essence is a profound in-depth work that assists in achieving balance, via the chakra systems. By inducing deep physical and mental relaxation, which allows the bypassing of the intellect to get to true feelings and core issues. The electro/magnetic fields and the chemical balance of the body are then activated to bring about a release of tension and stress. Once this tension is released one experiences a calm, revitalized energy level, and the opportunity to reconnect to one’s inner being and the Creative Force of the Universe. Over the last 45 years this highly advanced ancient form of physical and vibrational energy work has benefited thousands with profound life changing results.
Balancing the Mind
The mind is the builder, and where we must start, the rest will follow.When the mind is stressed over a period of time, the body /mind starts to react and stress becomes a normal way of life. We don’t even realize we’re pushing ourselves to perform. We become numb in our feelings, tense in our bodies and harsh with others and ourselves. We then separate from the warmth of the Spirit/Divine, our true self, others and love.
There are no quick fixes.
Releasing the Past – Welcoming the Present and Future
In order to release the past, and the barriers to our own happiness and fulfillment, we need commitment to wholeness, and the courage to face our selves. Many of the emotions and states of being that cause inner separation are produced by the mind.  As a result one may experience a variety of different negative states: guilt, rejection, grief, fatigue, judgement, shame, illnesses, fear, abandonment, confusion, insomnia, pain, anger, impatience, denial, depression, resentment, phobias,defensiveness, self-doubt, unworthiness, hypertension, regret, withdrawal, disease and many other conflicts.
The Session
Throughout a physical or telepathic (remote healing) session one experiences a release of tension and stress. As the barriers start to release, the mind relaxes and the creative, charged light of consciousness begins to descend bringing healing integration to the body, mind, soul and spirit.  One is able to open to wholeness and change. The conscious will is strengthened, the soul comes closer, the mind and heart open to new experiences, and the feeling awareness is enhanced.
The Awakening of the Heart.

Immediately after a session you feel a relaxed, light, peaceful sense of being, in tune with self, life and God. There is an acceptance of self with a greater capacity to give and receive love while instilling hope, patience, humility and wholeness.

Personalized Therapeutic Treatment
Through a series of treatments that activate one’s own personal inner map Regeneration Therapies works to integrate the release of negative thoughts, old behaviors, and to assist our clients in opening and attracting new experiences. Over time, this comprehensive treatment plan can bring about deep changes in your life’s direction as well as your sense of wholeness, well-being and joy.
The Chakra system is the central key to health/wellness on all levels.
All that one has experienced, is experiencing and the possibly of future experiences lies within the spiritual centers of the body – the chakra system.As it was in the ancient past.
The practitioners of the future in the medical field of health and wellness will be very well versed on the movement of the chakras and will be able to physically and telepathically (remote viewing) to observe, align and balance them to bring about health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
If this seems to touch your heart, mind and soul as something you have been searching for, then please Schedule an Appointment